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Love Addicts usually get involved in relationships that start with and/or endure a great deal of intensity.

What is Love Addiction?

Love Addicts are often women who have experienced abandonment as children in the form of divorce, death, a workaholic parent, a depressed parent, or an emotionally unavailable caregiver. As children, they create a fantasy world in order to fill the void of the missing emotional support and intimacy. The Love Addict continues to create this fantasy in her adult life leading to a pattern of intense, fantasy-based relationships. This is the “I’m in love, cancel everything” syndrome.

Signs of Love Addiction

Withdrawal from love addiction is often painful and can feel worse than withdrawal from drugs and alcohol. The feelings of pain, anger, loneliness, shame, sadness, despair, frustration, and confusion can be overwhelming.

It can also cause the escalation of obsessive behaviors, such as constantly checking a partner’s social media page, looking through wallets and cell phone records, driving by their house, and asking friends for information about the person’s recent activity.

Love addicts will often try to soothe their extremely uncomfortable and painful feeling by self-medicating with drugs, alcohol, food, sexual behaviors or any other substance or behavior that creates the feeling of escape or distraction. This can also include disordered eating, shopping, sleeping, excessive computer use or TV watching, excessive exercising, unmanaged depression, gambling, alcohol or drugs, etc.

Recovery from Love Addiction

Recovery from love addiction requires the client to learn about reality and what it looks like for her, and how she can best endure the discomfort of entering into a reality-based relationship while confronting her intense fear of abandonment. It also requires learning what boundaries are and how to set them, how to get needs met appropriately, how to esteem and value herself from the inside, and what healthy sexuality will mean for her. It also involves addressing emotional trauma through a combination of therapy with a CSAT who specializes in Female Sex and Love Addiction, group therapy and a 12-step program.

How We Can Help

Our inpatient program is focused on healing from intimacy and relationship issues, love addiction, sexual compulsivity, emotional trauma, and dual diagnosis issues faced by women.


Intimacy Disorders

  • Sexual Compulsion
  • Porn Addiction
  • Relationship Addiction
  • Internet Addiction
  • Sex Addiction In Young Adults
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Emotional Trauma

  • Childhood Trauma
  • Depression/Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Sexual Anorexia
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  • Drug Addiction
  • Alcohol Addiction
  • Compulsive Behaviors
  • Personality Disorders
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Dr. Stefanie Carnes

Meet Dr. Stefanie Carnes

Stefanie Carnes, Ph.D. is the clinical architect for Willow House: Relationship Healing for Women. She works closely with the staff of Willow House to bring her unique expertise to the programs and to aid the clients who struggle with love, sex, and intimacy disorders.  READ MORE

We help our clients let go of beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve them, learn forgiveness for themselves and others, begin to trust their inner voice, and accept their innate value and worth.

   - Dr. Stefanie Carnes

Willow House at The Meadows is a 45-day inpatient program designed specifically for women who are struggling with love addiction, relationship issues, and intimacy disorders.

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Long Lasting Recovery

Patients in our care follow a proven timeline designed to help them identify, understand, treat and overcome their underlying issues and negative behaviors.

Detailed Assessments


Thorough diagnostic services for accurate and individualized treatment.

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Experiential Therapy


Recognize the negative emotions that trigger compulsive behaviors through a unique experiential healing process.

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love addiction quiz

Love Addiction

Find out if you may be struggling with Love Addiction.

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Healthy Relationships


Learn how to build healthy relationships in a nurturing community composed of peers who are facing the same challenges.

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Healing The Family

Healing The Family

Womens’ intimacy disorders can have profound effects on partners, children, parents, and siblings. Our program works to break dysfunctional cycles and patterns.

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Trusted By Professionals

Trusted by Professionals

Providing your patients the highest quality care from our masters’ level clinicians, board-certified psychiatrists, and 24-hour nursing staff.

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Patient Focused Recovery

Patient Focused Recovery

Gain the courage to face difficult issues, including grief and loss; heal from emotional trauma; and become accountable for your own feelings, behaviors, and recovery.

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