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Monday, 01 May 2017 15:57

We’re Paying it Forward with a Special Offer

Human beings make about 35,000 conscious decisions every day. Each one of those decisions, no matter how small, is likely to have an impact on someone, somewhere, in some way. But, we typically have no idea what kind of impact our choices have made on the world around us.

If you decide to have lunch at the local deli, you’ve made an impact on the success of the deli owner’s business. And, the way you interacted with the staff may have played a role in shaping their outlook on their work that day. If you were gracious, they may have felt a sense of pride in helping others, which may have had a ripple effect on the level of kindness and care they showed to other customers after you.

If you are struggling with addiction and unresolved trauma and you decide not to seek treatment, your decision will likely impact others in much more negative ways. If your relationships seem to be falling apart in the face of your drinking, drug use, depression and/or anxiety, today may be the day for you to make the most important decision of your daily 35,000.

Are you going to choose to continue on this way, holding on to your pain and acting out in ways that can have devastating effects on the people you love?

Or are you going to get treatment, and start a ripple effect of happiness and healing in your world?

Those of us at Meadows Behavioral Healthcare want to help you start the right ripple effect. In honor of Pay it Forward Day—an international initiative to create a huge ripple effect of kindness around the world—we’re reducing the cost for our 45-day inpatient treatment programs by thousands of dollars for A LIMITED TIME. Call 800-244-4949 and mention the Pay It Forward offer for more information.

We hope that by giving more people access to our high-quality, scientifically-tested, and individualized treatment methods, we can help start the powerful ripple effect of recovery throughout the world. Our internationally renowned experts in trauma and addiction can not only help you overcome your trauma-related issues and/or addiction, they can also show you how to treat yourself the love and kindness in a way that will ripple and flow through your life and relationships.

Please call 800-244-4949 today to take advantage of this special offer. When you change yourself, you change the world.

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