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Addressing Love, Sex, and Intimacy Issues


Our inpatient program is focused on healing from intimacy and relationship issues, love addiction, sexual compulsivity, emotional trauma, and dual diagnosis issues faced by women.

About Willow House at The Meadows

We provide inpatient treatment for women in the heart of the Sonoran Desert. Our serene, private setting lends itself to introspection, and our trauma-based program provides the support, and direction necessary for each individual to do a deep dive into their issues. A low patient-to-staff ratio means each person gets individualized attention from our highly trained clinical staff allowing them to make dramatic progress.

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Intimacy Disorders

They may look different from woman to woman, manifesting as sexual compulsion or porn addiction in one person and love addiction or sexual anorexia in another, but what all intimacy disorders have in common is how they negatively affect your ability to function in healthy relationships with others. At Willow House, women who are struggling with intimacy disorders can find relief from unhealthy patterns and learn how to build healthy, fulfilling relationships.

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Emotional Trauma

Emotional trauma adversely affects quality of life, and when left unresolved, individuals may try to cope through compulsive behaviors or a range of addictions. Research by our own Dr. Patrick Carnes and others has shown that childhood trauma and abuse can have significant impact on whether or not a person develops a sexual addiction. That’s why trauma-based treatment is the foundation of our program. The deep trauma work we do allows patients to work through core issues and achieve lasting change.

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Co-occurring Disorders

Those dealing with sex, love, or intimacy disorders have a high occurrence of co-occurring mental health or addiction issues as well. Everything from depression, anxiety, and bipolar to drug or alcohol abuse can co-mingle with a variety of sex addictions making both conditions worse. Fortunately, at Willow House we have experience working with dual diagnosis patients and we treat these disorders simultaneously in the same setting to achieve lasting healing and recovery.

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The first thing patients will notice when they arrive on campus is a calming, natural setting that is anything but clinical. A peaceful courtyard, water feature, labyrinth for meditation, and comfortable outdoor seating areas all help to create an atmosphere that is conducive to contemplative work and self-examination.

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Stefanie Carnes, PhD, LMFT, CSAT

Clinical Architect of Willow House, Meadows Senior Fellow

"We help our clients let go of beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve them, learn forgiveness for themselves and others, begin to trust their inner voice, and accept their innate value and worth."

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Our specially trained intake coordinators are ready to assist you anytime, and they are experienced in helping people just like you with compassion, dignity, and respect – hallmark values of Willow House.

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