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Proven help for Intimacy Issues, Emotional Trauma, and Co-occurring Disorders

Willow House is a safe place of healing for women who are struggling with intimacy disorders including sex or love addiction along with emotional trauma and other co-occurring mental health or addiction issues. We treat individuals with respect and compassion, focusing on the healing of the whole person, physically, spiritually, and mentally.


Why Choose Willow House at The Meadows

Our comprehensive treatment program focuses on a person’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness. We conduct thorough assessments in order to provide the appropriate counseling, therapies, and supportive medications (if needed). On our safe, secluded campus, we treat intimacy disorders, emotional trauma, and co-occurring disorders.


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Intimacy Disorders

Characterized by impulsive and compulsive behaviors related to sex and relationships, intimacy disorders tend to be complicated because they sometimes hide other conditions or are connected to different issues. At Willow House, we help women recognize the patterns of behavior that are not serving them and give them the resources and guidance to create healthier relationships with themselves and others.
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Emotional Trauma

The result of many different factors or circumstances, emotional trauma manifests itself in disordered thinking patterns, feelings, and behaviors. Emotional trauma that remains unresolved becomes burdensome and damaging to the body, affecting a person’s livelihood and decreasing her ability to lead a happy, functional life. Recovery from emotional trauma is not easy, but it is extremely liberating. At Willow House, we believe trauma is an underlying factor that must be dealt with for a person to rediscover wellness.
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Co-occurring Disorders

Also known as a dual diagnosis, co-occurring disorders happen when an individual simultaneously presents with a substance addiction and one or more mental health condition. Co-occurring disorders often impact each other, so it’s important that both are treated in the same setting. Individuals often turn to drugs and alcohol as a way to self-medicate symptoms of conditions such as bipolar disorder or anxiety, but this only creates more problems. A comprehensive program like the one at Willow House can provide individuals with healthier coping skills and support so they experience long-term relief from these conditions.
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Addressing Underlying Trauma and Root Causes

The conditions we treat at Willow House are rooted in trauma, which encompasses deeply negative experiences (whether from specific situations or accumulated over time), persistent shame, and toxic beliefs. The way our minds and bodies deal with trauma is complicated. Internal struggles and inadequate coping skills affect an individual’s behavior toward herself and others. Unhealthy behaviors quickly become unhealthy patterns that are difficult to break.

In an effort to resolve trauma, someone may resort to self-medicating with drugs or alcohol, or they might seek a measure of control through disordered eating. Addictive behaviors are characterized by compulsion or an inability to exercise proper decision-making over your own actions. Addiction can cause or be perpetuated by mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

With these conditions feeding into one another, it becomes necessary to treat them in the same setting, so they don’t re-emerge. At Willow House for Women, we have the deep knowledge and research-backed model for helping individuals rediscover total wellness. While this is a journey that is measured in years, not months, we have a proven record of helping our patients break free from the cycle of unhealthy relationships, addiction, and emotional trauma, equipping them to own their recovery and find ways to thrive again.

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You Can Recover

Many patients enter the treatment setting with the harmful belief that they are not worth helping or cannot recover. We understand that you may have already engaged in treatment multiple times without success; in fact, we see this fairly often. But we specialize in treating those who have tried everything or have been to multiple programs without lasting success. At Willow House, we not only seek to reignite the hope of those we are treating, but we give them the skillset to truly recover. We believe that individuals have inherent worth that cannot be taken away from them, no matter their experiences, conditions, or track record. Willow House is even designed to manage high acuity cases: We have received suicidal patients directly from hospitals and have the capability to provide them with the appropriate treatment and monitoring. Our message to those who are hurting is this: You can recover, and we can help.

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