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How Do You Score on an ACEs Survey?

May 24, 2023

By Alanna Hilbink One tool regularly used in wellness treatment that is highly effective in assessing the amount of trauma we’ve experienced is the adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) survey. This su...

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Exploring Military Sexual Trauma

April 21, 2023

By Anna McKenzie Military sexual trauma remains far too common in US Armed Forces, and its effects can have a lasting impact on service members’ livelihood. A major concern for military women, sexual ...

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Women and Anxiety: Are Less Choices Better for Mental Health?

March 9, 2023

By Mandy Parsons According to the Anxiety & Depression Association of America (ADAA), from the time a girl enters puberty until she is about 50, she is twice as likely to have an anxiety disorder ...

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Reality TV Love vs. Love in Real Life

February 14, 2023

Most of us have been sucked into the drama of a reality TV program, and for good reason. Reality TV, by nature, is alluring. It provides viewers an alternate, often better, reality than their own. Rea...

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Sexual Compulsion: How It Differs In Women (and How It Doesn’t)

February 13, 2023

By Anna McKenzie Compulsive sexual behavior can be defined in many ways and identified by terms such as hypersexuality or sex addiction. While it’s commonly been considered that women develop sexual c...

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Narcissistic Abuse & PTSD

February 1, 2023

Narcissistic abuse PTSD is real, and it can be life-disrupting; however, with treatment and support, you can heal and feel like yourself again. Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) affects around 6...

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