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Domestic Violence Awareness: Defining the Crisis

By Melissa Riddle Chalos What happens when a culture becomes comfortably numb and passively accepting of what we feel is unchangeable? Be the change you wish to see in the world sounds great and hopef...

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Trigger Warnings: Do They Help or Harm?

By Christa Banister  In addition to feeling overwhelmed and distressed, triggers often inhibit our ability to remain fully present in the moment. As people are beginning to open up more about their me...

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What Causes an Intimacy Disorder?

By Melissa Riddle Chalos  When you stack it all up — of everything we experience in our lives — it’s in knowing and being known and loved by others in which our lives find contentment and meaning. Hum...

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What Is Trauma Bonding and How to Cope

By Wesley Gallagher If you’ve ever known someone who was in an abusive relationship, you’ve probably found yourself wondering, Why doesn’t she just leave? Clearly, the relationship is unhealthy — poss...

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Treating Trauma with Psychodrama 

By Beau Black We need to feel our feelings in order to translate them into words, elevate them to a conscious level, and think about them. Psychodrama is a therapeutic approach that can be used effect...

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Moms in Recovery: How to Overcome Shame and Repair Relationships

For anyone who has struggled with addiction, wrestling with feelings of shame over the past is often part of the journey. And for moms in recovery, there’s an added layer of guilt that can be particul...

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