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Women arrive at Willow House in need of specialized treatment and our multi-disciplinary treatment team understands the nuances of the varied issues they present with, from love and relationship issues to sex or porn addiction, sexual trauma, human trafficking, molestation, and love addiction. Our unique program was developed to address not just the sexual behaviors and intimacy issues but also the underlying trauma, grief, resentment and family-related issues that may have contributed to them.

Patient-Focused Recovery

Willow House is a small and intimate program, treating no more than 10 women at a time. That high staff-to-client ratio allows our treatment team — which includes a psychologist, psychiatrist, medical providers, registered nurses, master’s-level therapists, and more — to give each woman the individual attention she needs.


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"The process of treatment is to come alongside the patient and help them walk through their addiction and trauma issues."

Scott E. Davis, MEd, LPC-S, CSAT-S

The Willow House Difference

Our goal is to create a nurturing environment where our patients can do a deep dive into whatever it is that brought them into treatment. It’s rarely a single issue. Over the course of their treatment, patients work on family history/legacy, belief systems, body image issues, sexuality, gender roles, trauma, grief, resilience, empowerment, and creating a vision for moving forward with more self-compassion and purpose.

Our dedicated nurses and medical staff play a vital role in the treatment of patients at Willow House. The availability of medical professionals and 24-hour nursing care is important because we know that during the early phase of recovery patients often discover physical and mental health symptoms that were being masked or relieved by drug/alcohol use or other behaviors. The keen assessment skills of our nurses and medical staff help ensure we are addressing any and all contributing issues. Their presence on site also allows us to take even high-acuity patients.

Healing is hard work, but our patients come in very motivated to see change, and we give them the tools to make tremendous progress during their time with us. Are they cured when they leave here after 45 days? No, but are they prepared to live their lives in authenticity and health going forward.


Expert Treatment

We specialize in treating women who struggle with…

  • Patterns of unhealthy and/or abusive relationships
  • Serial affairs and relationships
  • Sexual boundary issues
  • Porn addiction
  • Love avoidance
  • Sexual trauma
  • Issues related to transgender identity
  • Co-occurring drug and alcohol misuse
  • Borderline personality disorder
  • Disordered eating patterns/eating disorders
  • Codependency
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Depression
  • Panic/anxiety disorders
  • Attachment trauma


A Trauma-Based Program

Willow House doesn’t just offer trauma-informed treatment like some other programs, trauma is the foundation of our treatment program. Why? Because we know that trauma is often a root cause for sex addiction and other intimacy issues. The deep trauma work we do allows patients to work through those core issues and get to a level of healing they wouldn’t achieve with just regular sex addiction treatment. We believe this trauma work is essential to recovery for all of our patients if they’re going to achieve lasting change.

A Customized Curriculum

We use the 30-task model as a core foundation for our curriculum. The covers topics including surrendering to the recovery process, doing damage control around behavior, taking a comprehensive look at the addictive process, and relapse planning. This is paired with intensive trauma work, Pia Mellody’s post-induction model, EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, art therapy, psychodrama, and 12-Step work to create a very comprehensive program.

Patients are also introduced to a variety of tools to cope with stress and self-regulate their feelings, tai chi, yoga, meditation, and neurofeedback in our Brain Center – giving them a wide range of strategies to manage their feelings while doing this deep emotional work.

An Intensive Family Program

Family week is a strength-based experience that explores how we can heal move forward as a unified front. Staff help families look at what boundaries they need to set and what role each family member will play going forward. This intensive five-day program provides extensive education while patients are able to share some of what they’ve been working on. There are also experiential activities and betrayal trauma is addressed. For those with unhealthy or unwilling family, we do some grief work around this.


An Ideal Setting for Healing

Our inpatient program in the serene Sonoran Desert is the perfect setting to do this type of introspective work. Hand in hand with our expert staff and their peers, women in the Willow House program reconnect to their values and find the strength and courage it takes to face the trauma of their past. They work from a place of healing to let go of what no longer serves them, learn forgiveness for themselves and others, begin to trust their inner voice, and accept their innate value and worth. As they reduce their misplaced shame and guilt, they are able to rewrite their personal narratives, becoming empowered to take control of their lives and begin living full and meaningful lives in ways they never thought possible.


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