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It’s been said countless times: Life is all about balance. And with the treatment of emotional trauma and unhealthy relationships, balance is key to achieving lasting wellness. That includes a lifestyle that incorporates and promotes emotional, intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual growth. Oftentimes people who struggle with intimacy or suffer from trauma make unhealthy life choices that harm themselves and bring imbalance into their lives. By focusing on the whole person through a wide range of activities and holistic therapies, Willow House helps women create a full, empowered life that continues into recovery.

Experiential Therapy

A complement to talk therapy, role playing provides more of a visual picture of what’s going on internally. Not only does it allow for the perspective of other women who may have walked a similar role, but experiential therapy allows someone to re-experience a situation in a new light.

Equine Therapy

Willow House is one of the few facilities that utilizes Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) to foster patients’ healing and recovery. Not only do animals offer emotional support, but horses in particular help with impulse control, social skills, emotional awareness, confidence, and problem-solving skills.


This ancient Chinese medicinal technique promotes wellness, immune system function and mental clarity by alleviating stress, headaches, and pain.

Challenge Course

While it may feel a little out of someone’s comfort zone, there are myriad benefits to the various challenge and ropes course activities found onsite at our Meadows Behavioral Healthcare campuses. Not only are they fun and interactive, but they help patients face their fears, promote healthy self-esteem, and provide a better understanding of themselves when faced with situations where they are forced to problem solve, trust others, and plan for obstacles along the way.

Expressive Arts

Art allows people to express themselves in a way that’s uniquely theirs. For someone who doesn’t necessarily like to “open up” in front of other people, a painting, journal entry, or sculpture, may be another way to share. Promoting self-expression through art is not only fun but an effective way to learn more about someone (or yourself!).

Nutritional Consultation

We’ve all heard the expression “you are what you eat,” and while a steady diet of pizza, doughnuts, and soda might be tasty, it’s not exactly helping our body function its best. There’s a strong mind/body connection between what we’re eating and how we feel. In promoting overall wellness, proper nutrition is an essential part of the conversation, so we educate patients and then back that up by providing a variety of delicious and nutritious food options throughout their stay.

Spiritual Counseling

If we’re going to treat the whole person, spirituality counseling is an essential therapeutic process that helps patients not only make sense of their lives but foster a sense of purpose to their actions. For many people who’ve suffered from trauma or struggled with addiction, they’ve also lost their spiritual center. Through spiritual counseling, patients can find — or rediscover — faith and refocus.

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