Sex Addiction In Young Adults

Sexual behaviors can become particularly problematic for young women of the ages 18 – 25, frequently without them realizing it has occurred. Several factors come into play during this stage of life that can make identifying and treating the condition in this age group unique:

  • Difficulties distinguishing between healthy sexual exploration and unhealthy sexual behaviors
  • Immersion in technology and easy access to online pornography and “hook-up” apps
  • Tendencies to balance multiple romantic or sexual relationships at the same time
  • Tendencies to experiment with alcohol and stimulants

Normal Sexual Exploration vs. Unhealthy Sexual Behaviors

For many young women, engaging in a sexual exploration is an important part of their transition into fully functioning, independent adults. It helps them to learn about who they are and how to be good partners in their intimate relationships. For some, however, normal exploration can spiral into out-of -control and destructive behavior. At Willow House we specialize in working with our young adult patients to identify which of their behaviors are problematic for them and which are part of normal development.

During the first few days under our care, every patient completes a series of assessments, including trauma evaluation, a psychological evaluation, a chemical dependency assessment, a biopsychosocial assessment, and a psychosexual assessment. The results are interpreted by Dr. Stefanie Carnes and our team of psychologists to help design and individualize each patient’s treatment program, and help them determine what’s healthy for them and what is not.

Internet Pornography Use

Pornography is easier to access than ever with the proliferation of the Internet and mobile devices into our homes, work places and social spaces. As a result, people are being exposed to pornography at earlier ages with children as young as 8 years old exposed to pornography in the normal course of internet use. For some young women, this early exposure can lead to problems with intimacy and the desire to isolate themselves from others. It can also lead to difficulties in school and failure to launch as an adult as hours and days are spent in the pursuit of pornography, internet chats, “hook-ups”, and erotic gaming. We can help young women identify the root cause of their need to avoid intimacy, develop better coping skills for stress and anxiety, and learn how to build healthy relationships.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Alcohol and drugs are often used by individuals suffering from problematic sexual behaviors in order to lower their inhibitions, to feel like they fit in, and to feel the courage they need to talk with others in a way that creates an illusion of intimacy.

The link between drug addiction and sexual addiction is further reinforced when people want to escape the emotional consequences of their actions by not feeling the shame or pain that would normally accompany acting out sexually in a problematic way. Individuals who have been abusing alcohol and drugs are in need of a complex form of treatment, one that addresses both the chemical addiction and sexual acting out, but also digs down to find the root cause of the behavior and helps the patient work to resolve those issues.

Willow House at The Meadows works with our patients to help them recognize and understand the destructive cycle of drug addiction and sexual addiction issues.

Treatment for Sexual Addictions and Drug Addictions

At Willow House at The Meadows, our drug addiction treatment options range from detoxification to an intensive, inpatient psychotherapeutic program that addresses the symptoms and causes of addiction. Our expert staff is trained to help people overcome their sexual addictions and co-occurring drug addictions in a safe and nurturing environment.

Willow House at the Meadows is a Behavioral Health Inpatient Facility licensed for 28 beds dedicated only to those who suffer with sexual addictions and co-occurring issues. We offer the highest level of care dedicated exclusively to women suffering from sexual addictions and are accredited by The Joint Commission which demonstrates our ongoing commitment to safe, high quality care, and treatment. Patients can be assured they are receiving outstanding care at Willow House at The Meadows.

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